Lies and intimidation

What has happened so far ?

February 2019- July 2019:

Peter Imanuelsen also known as Peter Sweden developed a close relation to the leading youths in Unge Høyre (youth movement of the “conservative party”) in Ålesund, Norway.

This as they had much of the same opinions.

Peter was invited to a number of different gatherings and meetings and published pictures from it on his Twitter account.

They were very happy with it and Unge Høyre were proud to have the famous Peter Sweden with them.

Unge Høyre even published 2 pictures on their Facebook page, boasting that Peter was with them.

Unge Høyre knew Peters past and current opinions.

Peter had also close contact with senior representatives of Høyre, including number 13 in command, which knows Peters opinions and they got very well along.

28 June 2019:

Peter is invited by his friends in Unge Høyre to an important meeting at Høyre and publish pictures from it.

1 July 2019:

Antifa contacted Høyre (the “conservative party”) on Twitter after having become aware of this.

2 July 2019:

Leading representatives from the head office of Høyre quickly responded to Antifa, and heavily condemned Peter. This twice, from different party leaders.

(Sorry for no translation)

(For context: The youth movement of Høyre, especially in areas like Ålesund, are very much to the right of the head quarter, whom are rather liberal.)

2 July 2019:

Peter Sweden with over 132.000 followers contacts both of these party leaders on Twitter, and so does his dad, but they don’t respond, as they did to Antifa.

(The party leaders have very few mentions on Twitter and after this one of them responded to the (only?) other mentioning, so there is no way they have not seen it.)

3 July 2019:

A media arm of Antifa in Norway, writes a hit-piece against Peter Sweden, falsely accusing him of being far-right, and contacts Høyre for comments.

Please note the conversation below between Martin Knutsen and Harald Klungtveit, responsibel for Filter Nyheter. (Sorry for no translation, but it documents the Antifa connection.)

The leader for Høyre in Ålesund, Runar Paulsen in the article joins his party leaders in the condemnation of Peter.

At the same time, he lies to claiming that Peter was not invited to the meeting, to which they had invited him, but that he just strolled in from the street…

He further lies about it stating that no one knew him and that they didn’t knew Peters opinions.

Elise Fiske pictured on the picture below with Peter on another internal meeting of Unge Høyre the 26 June, seem to be instructed what to say as she also lies and claim that no one knew Peter.

(Elise Fiske is the coming leader of Unge Høyre, and was the acting leader, as Peters close friend, the current leader, was away on holiday in Europe.)

3 July 2019, afternoon and evening:

Elise Fiske calls Peter repeatedly and kind of apologize to her friend, apparently feeling very bad over what has happened today, and seem to be instructed to try to convince him not to go out and kill their lies to Filter Nyheter. (See below for documentation.)

3 July 2019, evening:

Emanuel Imanuelsen, dad to Peter writes an email (published below) to the head quarter of Høyre and copies it to Runar Paulsen, and nicely asks Høyre to correct this, as both parties knows this is lies, so they will not have to publish facts proving it to be lies.

4 July 2019:

Høyre refuses and accuses Emanuel, that this mail is instead a threat…

4 July 2019, very late evening:

Peter Imanuelsen and Emanuel Imanuelsen publish evidence on their Twitter accounts that proves that Runar Paulsen lied. Emanuel also contact in case they plan to write and point them to the evidence published.

5 July 2019 18:30:

Runar Paulsen takes part in a hit-piece by a large paper in Norway,, which uses Antifa(!) as source and falsely claim the Antifa line that Peter is far-right.

In light of the facts published by Peter and Emanuel, Runar Paulsen can no longer hold on to his lies to Filter Nyheter and has to acknowledge that he did indeed lie.

But instead of being ashamed of being caught lying, he goes on the attack and publish a number of new lies, (which we in this article prove to be lies, see below.)

The journalist does not confront Runar with now being caught lying, but instead labelled Peter far right – even using it as the headline, in spite of having read his hompage were he distance himself from it.

Long before published their hit-piece, Emanuel had contacted them the evening before, giving them his phone number for comments. In spite of this they did not contact him, but published the lie, that he had used threat against Høyre.

6 July 2019:

Emanuel and Peter contacts the paper, as according to Norwegian rules the paper has to let them reply.

10 July 2019 14:01: publishes a new article with a response from Peter and Emanuel, and a further response from Runar Paulsen.

I have been handed a copy of the draft response given to Emanuel for acceptance, and then of the heavily changed article as published.

In the article by Lene Flataker, published at 14:01 she cleverly had removed many important points from the original draft, including that Peter since long has distanced himself from his old opinions and that according to himself, his opinions now are similar to these of Sylvi Listhaug in FrP.

(Sylvi Listhaug used to be the immigration minister and is part of the progressive party and is strongly hated by Antifa and many in the Norwegian press. She was forced out for seemingly no reason after pressure from the communist party of Norway – Raudt – (Red). )

10 July 2019 15:00:

Emanuel calls Lene and after over an hour the paper reluctantly accepted to correct the article slightly, so it became clear that Peter has distanced himself from his old opinions. (Updated 16:10)

I have been given a copy of the recorded conversation, and I think everyone will agree that the journalist is very aggressive at times, but they had to accept the correction as Emanuel made it clear that he otherwise would take this to the governing body in Norway, PFU. also made it clear that they would not cover this further.

Order from the top to throw Peter under the bus.

4 July 2019:

Runar Paulsen by text informs Peter that they are “advised” to not have anything to do with Peter.

Elise Fiske in Unge Høyre did confirm to Peter that it came from the head quarter, so we know that the head quarter of Høyre has told Høyre in Ålesund to throw him under the bus and try to character assassinate him.

Trying to remove evidence

4 July 2019, evening – before Peter had published any evidence:

A member of Unge Høyre that was on a photo from a 16 Mai party documenting the lies of Høyre, which happily had consented to the publishing of the photo, and was happy that it had been published on Twitter for almost 2 months, did suddenly contact Peter.

This happens the very same day as Høyre refused to correct their lies and that Emanuel and Peter said they would publish evidence.

She stated not to have been contacted by any person from Høyre, and do this all by herself.

The picture had been published since 16 May on Peters Twitter and she has been happy ever since.

But today, suddenly, she had scrolled back through hundreds of tweets and finally found this old tweet with the picture, and suddenly without knowing anything about what was going on with Høyre, and that this was critical evidence, she decided, using legal language(!), that she wanted it removed and if not would go to the police…

What a coincident, that a friend suddenly on this day, without knowing anything, transforms to an enemy, and speaking like a lawyer, ask you to remove evidence of lies from her boss.


In Norway an internal 16 Mai party is a very big thing and one of the most important parties of the year, as it is the evening of the constitution day – 17 May.

On the photo from the 16th of May is seen Peter together with the current and former leader of Unge Høyre, and this photo proves beyond and doubt that they indeed knew Peter very well.

As this is taken over 40 days before the meeting of 28 June, after which Runar claimed to Filter Nyheter that they didn’t know Peter at all – it proves that Runar lied, and as such is an important journalistic evidence of lies from a representative of the ruling party in Norway.

Journalistic courage

Peter refused to remove it as it was obvious that this came from Runar Paulsen, not from the girl, and was a corrupt attempt to destroy evidence of his lies.

As a result of Peter refusing to bow to the pressure, Runar had no option but to give up and acknowledge to that he did indeed lie to Filter Nyheter about Peter.

Further in the second article, he specifically had to talk about the 16 May party and recognize that Peter indeed was a part of it.

5 July 2019:

Emanuel was also contacted with a request to remove the evidence.

What Høyre did not knew was that they here gave away legal evidence that this came from Høyre, not from this girl. (Cannot be published as of now as it may be handed to the police.)

There are therefore now strong evidence that Høyre tried to force a journalist to remove evidence of their lies – showing a worrying corruption in the ruling party in Norway.

Updates to follow as this develops.

This raises a few questions.

Firstly – Is the ruling “conservative” party in Norway, Høyre, supporting Antifa or are they (just) letting Antifa control the narrative and bow to them?

Secondly – Why are they throwing a friend under the bus because of pressure from Antifa?

Should not be needed to say that Antifa are violent, but below is documentation that this Anifa person is violent.

Thirdly – They state to be inclusive and know very well that Peter has left his old opinions behind and now work against radicalization. Why would an inclusive party, exclude a person because of old opinions?

Fourthly – Why this corruption and intimidation to remove evidence?

This also raises serious questions to the press, like

If the person lying and throwing friends under the bus had been from FrP (the progressive party), Norwegian press would have been all over the place, with questions like:

Why did you lie ?

Isn’t this corruption?

But now when it is a friend of the press – not a single question, in spite of the fact that many in the press, (including have seen evidence that Runar lied.

Are the press now so biased that they rather let friends get away with corruption and lies, as long as you push society to the left ?

Could this be a reason, (as 80% of Norwegians trust their press), why the progressive party now is on a record low and the communist party is on a record high?

Let’s now docuement the new lies.

Runar Paulsen from Høyre had to given up and has now (indirectly) acknowledged to that he lied about Peter Imanuelsen also know as Peter Sweden when he stated to Filter Nyheter that Peter Imanuelsen was not invited to their party – but just came in from the street …

His new lie is that no one in Høyre did know about Peter’s opinions – and he has received “threats” from the Imanuelsen family … So let’s look at the facts:

Runar states:

Contrary to Runar Paulsen’s statement – many at Høyre in Ålesund DID know Peter Imanuelsen’s opinions very well.

This includes Dag Olav Tennfjord, the LEADER of Høyre in all of Møre og Romsdal – and number 13 in command in Høyre in Norway.

After the party at Høyre, Peter Imanuelsen was out partying with Dag Olav Tennfjord. He and Peter has spoken about politics a lot and he DOES know Peters’ opinions very well.

They are even friends on Facebook.

And Unge Høyre (the Youth Movement of Høyre) does indeed know Peters opinions.

He has been a part of their inner circle – as a «not-yet-member» – for many months.

Here he is attending their 16th May party with members from Unge Høyre, MDG and FRP.

Here Peter is campaigning for Høyre, with Unge Høyre on 28th June.

Here he attends another internal meeting with Unge Høyre on 26th June.

Please note that Unge Høyre feel that Peter is so much a part of them – that they themselves have published the 2 pictures above on their own Facebook page.

Peter normally met with them every Friday and Saturday for hours. They indeed knew his current AND past opinions.

As Preben Dimmen – the former leader of Unge Høyre said:

“It is a strength to have left these opinions behind”

Peter Imanuelsen and Preben Dimmen became very close friends. Here they are together with the Youth party leader of MDG – the Green Party, an evening in May.

Preben Dimmen used to be the leader of Unge Høyre but had to quit for health reasons, but is still according to sources the strong person and still informal leader of Unge Høyre in Møre og Romsdal. And a very nice guy.

Peter and Preben travelled to Oslo (in Peter’s car) during 21-23 of June and spent 3 great days together. Including being invited to a member of the parliament in Oslo.

Let us now prove that Preben Dimmen DID know, both Peter Imanuelsens past and current opinions.

As seen above, Peter helped Preben to get (over 400) followers in a few days at his Twitter account @Preben_Dimmen. The account is now deleted after the recent actions from Høyre . (Is pressure from Høyre the reason ?)

Here writes @AndyHee to Preben on Twitter. He knows that Peter and Preben are close friends:

Preben defends his friend Peter. (Tweet deleted as account is deleted):

@AndyHee answers Preben after Preben has defended Peter:

Please note that @AndyHee feels that Preben Dimmen has defend Peter Imanuelsen, that Peter had left his former opinions – so it is proven that Preben did know both Peters former and current opinions.

As said, Preben is the former leader of Unge Høyre and the informal real leader. We know that he did know Peters former and current opinions.

So it is now documented that Preben Dimmen very well KNEW Peters opinions, both current and past – contrary to what Runar Paulsen have stated.

As good friends Peter and Preben stayed overnight in the same hotel room at Thon Hotel Gardermoen, paid by Peter’s mom.

Preben has written for a news outlet that Høyre in Oslo, is not in love with, to say it mildly.

After this Høyre in Oslo have come down heavily on Preben Dimmen and rebuked him for writing for and even given him an official remark for it.

Preben Dimmen was the person that nicely put Peter Imanuelsen in contact with

This picture is taken from where Peter and Preben attend a party arranged by during their stay in Oslo.

Sources tell that Preben is a very nice young person. For Høyre in Oslo to come down on him to potentially destroy his career if he doesn’t bow to party discipline is not worthy a democratic party.

Preben Dimmen also invited his close friend Peter Imanuelsen to the PRO-Israel conference arranged by MIFF in Kristiansand and they were there together there from the 31/5 to 2/6.

MIFF did get a lot of heat from the left because of Peters former opinions, like this.

Please note that MIFF are very aware of Peters old opinions – but as all sensible persons – are happy that he has changed – and have no problems with it.

Just the same as Høyre in Ålesund, until Høyre in Oslo ordered them to kick Peter out.

Preben Dimmen was not the only person that did know Peter Imanuelsens current and former opinions.

Peter often used his mom’s (bigger) car to drive numerous of members of the Høyre party home after parties and were at countless parties with Unge Høyre.

And Peter Imanuelsen is Facebook friend with a number of Høyre politicians like Dag Olav Tennfjord, Sunniva Bøstrand, etc.

I am also in possesion of screenshots showing that Peter is Facebook friend with many leading politicians both from Frp, Venstre and MDG, all of whom he has met with personally.

Peter is a very well-known person, and everyone interested in politics knew exactly who he was, and after countless hours together, there are no way that they had no clue about Peters opinions …

Or are Runar Paulsen trying to tell us that the earth is flat?

So not only did Preben Dimmen knew, as proven above – more or less all of Unge Høyre did knew, and many others like Dag Olav Tennfjord, did knew very well.

Neither did they have any problems with his current opinions either, as some of the persons in Høyre are to the right and some to the left of Peter’s current opinions. For example, Dag Olav Tennfjord and Peter found out that they did view the same videos on Youtube from «J» and «S».

So the statement from Runar that Høyre in Ålesund did not know is proven to be a flat and complete lie.

Intimidation of a journalist.

Høyre has now put heavy pressure on Peter Imanuelsen (and his dad Emanuel Imanuelsen ) to remove evidence of their lies.

Not strange as the evidence of lies are overwhelming.

I have been handed a copy of the blackmail and it is bad.

Corruption, not democracy.

I have been discussing with myself if I should publish it now or wait, and concluded that as it might be handed to the police to investigate breach of freedom of press and corruption in Høyre, I will wait a little.

It is of outmost interest for the public when a ruling party, lies like above. To put pressure on a journalist to remove the evidence is intimidation of a Journalist from Høyre!

Another serious lie, which at the same time is intimidation is that Høyre claim to have received “threats” from the Imanuelsen family, by email, phone and on social media, after having confronted Imanuelsen.

Firstly – Høyre have not confronted Imanuelsen, so that is a lie in itself, but more about that later.

To state that Imanuelsen has «threatened» Høyre is a very serious claim and nothing but libel and a crime if it is not true.

I am in possession of the evidence, and there are no «threats» at all.

Runar’s claim of threat by phone.

Peter has never ever spoken to Runar either by phone or verbally, so it leave Emanuel as the person that have «threaten» him.

But Emanuel only have spoken to Runar once, and only for 30 seconds on 4/7 around 10:40

This was a follow up to the email (see below) where Emanuel nicely asks Høyre to act and retract their lies, so he and Peter doesn’t have to prove that they are putting out lies and libel about him.

Thankfully, in the country where Emanuel live, it is legal to record a phone conversation and sources has given me a copy of it. (But annoyingly wordpress will not let me upload it.)

Here is the transcript:

Runar: Paulsen

Emanuel: Hallo, hallo Runar, du snakker med Emanuel her.

Runar: Eg må få lov å ringe deg tilbake Emanuel. Eg sitter opptatt i et møte så kan jeg få ringe det litt senere.

Emanuel: Absolutt. Ta og ring meg, men ikke ring meg for sent idag, er du snill, for at, jeg kommer jo agere idag hvis ikke dere agerer, så at hvis du ringer meg ikke alt for sent så er det ypperlig.

Runar: Det er greit, jeg kommer tilbake.

Emanuel: Flott vi snakkes. Ha det, ha det.

Runar hangs up without further reply.

If this is a «threat» then the earth is flat.

The evening before Emanuel Imanuelsen had received a text message from Peder Weidemann Egseth strongly indicating that Høyre wished to play the waiting game, which is why Emanuel points out to Runar that, please come back soon, as Emanuel feel important that these lies and libels are addressed quickly, and if Høyre doesn’t plan to go out and correct it, he need to do it.

As Peder had found time to respond to other people with very few followers, regarding Peter on Twitter, Emanuel felt it hard to believe that lack of time was the real reason …

Few parents would be this nice to a person that just have tried his best to character assassinate their son.

For a person (Runar) that just has gone out with ugly lies about Emanuel’s son – to call this a «threat» is adding insult to injury.

So there was never a threat by phone – just another lie from Runar Paulsen.

At the same time this is libel and a criminal offence – let’s see if Høyre will apologize.

Runar’s claim of threat by social media.

This is open so everyone can read – and as everyone can see – there are no threats.

See for yourself at:


Just another lie from Runar.

Runar’s claim of threat by email.

Peter has not sent any email but Emanuel Imanuelsen contacted the right hand of the Prime Minister, Peder Weidemann Egseth with this email:

This is a really nice letter after someone has tried to character assassinate their son. Very few would be this calm and nice, simply offering Høyre to sort this out, so Emanuel doesn’t need to expose their lies.

If this is a threat, then the earth is flat!

Back to the short phone conversation on the 4/7. Many hours later Runar comes back with this text:

Hi, I perceive your Email as a threat. I’m thinking that this is a situation that’s unfit for further dialog. With your threat as backdrop I will not call you.

Below we also see that Emanuel had no interest in hurting Høyre. (Sources are telling me that Emanuel consider himself non-political and neither right nor left.) The text below was sent when waiting for Runar to call back, and Runar’s only response was the text at 15:09 – to not even comment to this -but instead accuse Emanuel that the email to Peder was a threat.

And Peder Weidemann Egseth also accuses Emanuel Imanuelsen of threat:

Hi, I notice that you use threats and untimely pressure. We cannot have a dialog with this as a starting point. Kind Regards, Peder Egseth.

To accuse a dad that just have seen Høyre lie and try to character assassinate his son, for «threats» – after a mail (also sent as text) as this – is to claim that the earth is flat.

It is now documented that there never has been any threats – so to falsely accuse the Imanuelsen’s of threat are both lies, libel, intimidation and corruption.

And Peder Weidemann Egseth is not just anyone. He is at the very top, just next to the PM Erna Solberg.

To receive the text Emanuel Imanuelsen received from him, most people would feel very intimidating indeed.

When the very top at Høyre falsely accuse someone for «threat» – it is intimidation and corruption at the very top.

To first try to character assassinate Peter Imanuelsen, using lies. Then falsely accuse his dad of «threats.» Then try to intimidate Peter as a journalist, (and his dad as well ), not to publish evidence. This is not only lies and intimidation, but also corruption on a level not worthy a democracy – and would force both Peder and Runar to leave office in most democracies.

Or can they get away with lies, intimidation and corruption on this scale ?

There were no threats – just lies from Høyre.

The pressure from the top to bow to Oslo.

Elise Fiske is here pictured with Peter and other members of Unge Høyre having a good time.

But to Filter Nyheter, Elise Fiske states:

Elise Fiske to Filter Nyheter.

That is another flat lie. Elise Fiske did indeed know Peter Imanuelsen. Not only documented from the picture above, but sources have handed me a copy of Peter’s phone log as well.

Peter’s number is secret – but Elise had it and called Peter numerous of times on the 3 of July.

(The number hidden here for privacy reasons, but it is the same as she is registered with and is publicly available online.)

As documented on the phone log – this day alone she called Peters number 8 times and they spoke for about 40 min.

She did indeed knew Peter – and she lied about it to Filter nyheter.

Why ?

And she also states the following:

But as documented above – Elise did know that Preben and Peter were close friends – so another lie.

Runar Paulsen claim that Imanuelsen have been confronted:

However, neither Peter Imanuelsen nor his dad Emanuel Imanuelsen are aware of any confrontation form Høyre … except for intimidating text messages.

Contrary, the only real contact that has been is that Elise Fiske has called Peter Imanuelsen and tried to kind of apologize and excuse the situation, indicating to Peter that they were instructed from Høyre in Oslo what to do.

The conclusion seemed to be that the problem was that Høyre in Oslo had not been aware that Peter had left his former opinions behind, even though they locally knew it.

We knew that she was a friend of Peter, now finding herself in the difficult position to have to lie and abandon her friend, due to pressure from Oslo.

We also know that Runar texted Peter that Runar had been «advised to not speak with me (Peter)» and that it was obvious that this came from the top.

And as documented, Peder Weidemann Egseth has been heavily involved.

The ugly truth seems to be it is Høyre in Oslo that have pressured Høyre in Ålesund to lie, libel, intimidate and abandoned their friend and throw him under the bus.

This should not happen in a democracy.

Distance from old opinions

Another of Runar’s lies is that Peter has not taken enough distance from his old opinions.

This again is a flat lie. Peter is called a traitor and takes an enormous amount of hate from his former followers of Peter Sweden for having changed completely.

Please note the 941 comments. Almost all hateful from former followers.

And Peter Imanuelsen has really distanced himself from them. This is from 19/7-2017.

Peters main tweet distancing himself from his old opinions is in fact his most viewed tweet – with over 2.000.000 views,

And he writes a lot about it here:

Peter is now very pro-Israel.

Peter now has many homosexual friends – including a person responsible for pride in his town.

And many foreigners as friends.

And that he has changed is obvious to all:

This from 1/2-2018:

And the Jews has long since forgiven him and know that he has changed completely:

Here are more examples:

And here:

Peter Imanuelsen, also know as Peter Sweden, is now hated by his old followers. They DO KNOW that he has changed, and Peter are really hated by them for this. He gets an unbelievable amount of hate from them like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And from the far left:

For Runar to claim that Peter has not distanced himself from his old opinions is yet another flat lie and libel.

A high price

Peter has done the right thing to leave the ideas he speculated in for a few months and instead work against radicalization.

But he is paying a high price for it by now being hated by his former supporters.

Now a so-called democratic party punish him and try to character assassinate him, as well.

Should he lose both all his former supporters, and now his new friends, because corruption in the ruling party. What is this ?

This is utterly irresponsible from Høyre and a great shame.

Should we not we welcome people that leave radicalism with open arms ?

Then more will leave!

To act like Høyre will KEEP people radicalized.

Why should they lose all their existing friends when they will get no new when leaving it?

Høyre should have praised Peter for leaving radicalism – then more would dare to leave.

Now Høyre from the very top, character assassinate him – sending a clear message to others, like «Crusader Tim» – DO NOT LEAVE !

The motive

We know that Høyre know the truth – but still they lie.

Why? Could it be to protect the back of Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde and Peder Weidemann Egseth?

Elise Fiske did confirm by phone to Peter Imanuelsen that Høyre in Ålesund had known his opinions for a long time, but Høyre in Oslo, didn’t know before Høyre in Ålesund made them aware of it on 3/7-2019.

Mathilde clearly made the wrong call here on the 2/7-2019:

And Peder as well when confirming this to be the party line:

Is the motive that Høyre rather push radicalization than want to recognize that Mathilde and Peder were wrong as young and inexperienced politicians, with too much power ?

Is this why Oslo (Peder?) forces Høyre in Ålesund to protect them – Who cares if people get radicalized after all?

Let’s hope someone with grey hair and sense in Høyre will act and change this dangerous path to radicalization that they have chosen.

Feel free to use all pictures and documentation on this site if you wish.